Thursday, May 28, 2009

gabor’s black bitch

500 Horse Power Porsche 944 Turbo.
by Pierre Martins

Driving the beast -

944b Gabor's Porsche 944 Turbo is a wild animal indeed. This gutted, light-weight 944 Turbo produces 500bhp! Well, almost. It makes 496 to be exact, and is is yet another wild 944, built by M&R Motors in Johannesburg and one of the most radical 944's you've ever seen!

This thing flies. They stuck us in one of the slower classes by mistake so I got to play axe murderer, lapping novice drivers in heavy metal 996's and GT2's, he-he.

So what does Gabor's car feel like...?

DCP_5773 Lemme try to explain. It's rough around the edges, really rough. The windscreen is cracked. The carbon fibre doors, fender flares and hood are all warped and none of the panels line up properly. The roll cage is rough and unpainted with spots of rust here and there. Under the hood there are no polished aluminium plumbing or fancy anodized bits and pieces.

But don't let that fool you. This car is pure business. Plenty moolahs ploughed into horse power, brakes, handling and weight saving. Gabor doesn't give two hoots about looks. The "Black Bitch" as he calls it is a rebel, period.

DCP_5774 Driving it... All I can say is wow! It will smoke stock GT2's no problem. With the power this thing has it's no surprise. Going up to Wesbank corner at Kyalami feels like coming down the mineshaft in my 928. Brakes are good, but for some daft reason Gabor set the brake bias all the way to the front. This unsettled the rear end in tight corners and I got clutch-lock off 2nd gear into Nashua and Clubhouse corners a few times, but that kick-started my drifting genes. make no mistake, this car can swing ass.

Fantastic day, I enjoyed this car. Life is good.


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