Thursday, June 4, 2009

altech gt-challenge ‘09 – round 2

Race report from Zwartkops.
by Pierre Martins

18 April 1009:

IMG_0453 Well, this time there is not much to report on, except that I won both heats in my class by a country mile. The racing was utterly boring though, with two lonely races in a row. I had no hope of catching any of the cars in the faster classes ahead to play with, and the guys behind me were something like three seconds a lap off my pace.

I hated that. If I wanted to circulate on my own I could’ve just as well gone to an open track day and bore myself to death…

IMG_0406 Be that as it may, I scored full points in my class and was delighted to find that I was positioned second in the overall points standings, trailing Toby Venter by a mere six points after this race meeting.

In the Altech GT-Challenge the points you score in your class count towards the overall standings and that’s what the championship is decided on.

With just two rounds down it’s early days yet, but are you thinking what I’m thinking?


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