Tuesday, June 9, 2009

how to remember the flags

Standard flags and what they mean.
by Pierre Martins

A funny way to remember things…

I have found writing and coaching to be very therapeutic in my own learning and thought processes in that every time I try to explain something to someone it forces me to find ways to put my ideas forward in simple and easy to understand terms.

Humour stimulates one’s memory, so here’s a light-hearted way of remembering the flags and how you should react to them next time you’re out on track…

Chequered Flag:

2checkAlso known as the ‘Table Cloth’ flag. The race is over. Come into the pit, eat, drink and party all night.

Red Flag:

2redWorks like a traffic light. All racing to stop immediately. All competitors to slow down, proceed to the finish line and stop.

Black Flag:

2black The ‘Affirmative Action’ flag. You must give up your position. Together with competitor's number in white on black board, informs the driver that he must stop at his pit at the end of the lap. Very controversial flag, this one.

Yellow Flag:

2yell Like amber on a traffic light, it means Caution! Competitors must slow down and maintain their positions. You can’t pass under yellow like you’d skip amber at a traffic light, the track nazis will penalize you severely.

Blue Flag:

2blu The flag that makes you sad. Informs a competitor that he is about to be passed by another competitor, Duh.

Black with Orange Disc:

2blor Someone shot a hole in the Affirmative Action flag. Together with competitor's number informs driver that he has mechanical problems, and that he must stop at his pit at the end of the lap. More controversy.

Green Flag:

2gr This is the easy one, the "All Clear" you’ve been waiting for after a yellow flag dangerous situation. May also be used to start warm-up or practice sessions. Time to pedal! If you don’t know what this flag means you shouldn't be on a race track.

White Flag:

2wh The Stig’s flag. Attention! Slow-moving traffic on the circuit like emergency vehicles, or the Stig. He-he-he…

Yellow & Red Stripes:

2yelrd The Bacon flag. Someone’s frying pan is leaking and is spilling slippery stuff on the track. Deterioration of track surface due to oil or water.

Black & White:

2bw The racism flag. Play nice or you’ll be in trouble. Together with a competitor's number it warns the driver of ‘racist’ or unsportsmanlike behaviour.

There is more to it than the above and you should obviously familiarize yourself with the rules at your local tracks and attend driver’s briefings and all that, but I hope the above will give you something to remember the flags by and keep you out of trouble when you’re out there on track…


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David fa niente said...

I like it! Easy to explain to the girlfriend...