Friday, January 8, 2010

about my random posts

On this Blog…
by Pierre Martins

I can categorise most of the nonsense I write on this blog. Some are funny stories, others are race reports, tips, technical articles, track tests and whatnot, but there are some posts that can only be classified as ‘Random’. These posts don’t really conform to anything, but if you’re bored - they’re worth a read…

Group 4 RSR preview

PR2B7D~1 Every time I think this car has reached the end of the road as far as development goes, Dave’s pockets turn out deeper than I thought. He's just taken it to full Group 4 spec care of Jimmy Hendricks bodywork & wheels…

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Porsche 911 Canyon Carving

shelby 007 The nice thing about Nelspruit from a petrol-head’s perspective is that it’s nestled smack bang in the middle of mountainous terrain that offers some of the best driving roads in Southern Africa…

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Chery 48-Hour Endurance Run

1_221499 I got roped into this thing at the last minute by long-time Formula GTi racer Gerrit de la Rey.

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Drifting in South Africa

DSC_8304Small-1 The other day I spent a cold and windy Sunday at Midvaal Raceway helping a friend with a little Porsche 924 improve his lines and lap times, but that's not what I wanna talk about…

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The Story of my TL1000

TL3 Sometimes you just can’t afford the best and you end up buying second best and turn it into something sweet as you go along…

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Porsche 944 – Rui’s Turbo Cup

944 turbo cup 013 Local Shelby Can-Am racer and 2008 national champion, Rui Campos, has owned this immaculate and original 944 Turbo Cup for a number of years now…

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Angela’s Picnic

P1007827 Angela Heinz was a remarkable lady who’s interests included crop-sprayers, off-road motorcycles, Opera, Morgan cars, rifle shooting and Dobermans…

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Guzzi Trike

P1007763b I have to admit, it wasn’t the type of vehicle that would normally get my attention, but there was something appealing in it’s uniqueness…

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I sincerely hope you enjoy some of these stories. If you do, leave some feedback, will ya?


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