Tuesday, July 14, 2009

meet the red lady

Another sweet 911.
by Pierre Martins

‘81 911sc:

red lady 1 This is my buddy Mario’s pristine 911sc. Mario runs a Porsche shop in the south of Johannesburg. In my not-so-humble opinion Mario is perhaps one of the last true classic Porsche Specialists left in South Africa. A tad eccentric, old-school, but very experienced and very knowledgeable in the mechanical workings of P-cars, very unlike some of these new breed of “Porsche Specialists” who think that paying their dues comes from the amount of time they spend on the internet to try and learn a thing or two about Porsches. With Mario you get no Google wisdom, just hard-earned experience.

red lady 2 Anyway, Mario saw this very car being put together on the production line at the Porsche factory in Germany way back in the late seventies. It was also one of the first cars he serviced when he used to run the workshop for Porsche South Africa way back then, so when it came up for sale from the original about five years ago he scooped it up.

red lady 3 It's the kinda car you can do a track day at Kyalami and a 2000km round trip to Cape Town and back immediately afterwards with no problems. The only problem is Mario hardly drives the thing, so once a year I pick it up and put some mileage on the car.

The Red Lady. A sweet, un-molested 911…


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