Tuesday, July 7, 2009

supekarts ‘08 – association kart

From rubbish to something decent.
by Pierre Martins

SDSC_2466 I have a bit of a reputation for building nice Superkarts, so in the beginning of 2208 I was asked to fix up a demo kart for the local 250 Supekart Association. They wanted something not too fast and safe to give people joy rides in. Journalists and people interested in joining the sport. I took the job on condition that I get to race it for the first two meets after completion, to make sure it’s safe and all…

This is the kart I came up with. First time out I started from the back of the grid in the rain and pulled off a third place. I wonder who was more surprised, me, or the rest of the field? Man I love racing in the wet. It takes horse power out of the equation. Ten percent car and ninety percent driver. Short-shift everywhere, watch out for puddles and rivers and be ready to catch slides all the time. Good fun.

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